We are proud to announce after almost one year, our daycare line is ready to serve all North Shore daycares. 
Our meals are designed by dieticians, perfected by chefs, tested by kids, and approved by moms! 
For each meal, we make sure to serve enough protein, fibre, and calcium and use extra virgin olive oil to help the kid’s digestive system. 
We use only high-quality ingredients: hormones-free chicken, local ground beef, organic non-GMO corn, green peas and extra virgin olive oil. 
We work highly efficiently to provide the highest quality meals affordably. 
Our mobile application lets you see all the nutrition facts and ingredients details. 
WEEK ONEBeef Shepherds PieWild salmon & mashed potatoes with organic mixed veggiesSweet Coconut shrimp with quinoa and veggies
WEEK TWOBeef kabab & rice & grapes tomatoesTurkey meatballs and organic corn and mixed veggies with cranberry saucePersian chicken casserole (Tahchin)Chicken alfredo lasagnaVeggie potato patties served with yogurt (Persian Kookoo)
WEEK THREERice noodles and Shrimp and veggiesWhole wheat spaghetti with minced beef and tomato sauceChicken strips & roasted potatoes & veggiesYam quicheMac & cheese
WEEK FOURSamosa (beef/veggie)Turkey wraps with cheese and lettuce, and cranberry sauceRainbow Rotini (organic black beans & green peas, and carrots) with cheddar cheeseBeef potato patties (Kotlet) served with organic mixed veggies.BBQ chicken drumstick & roasted potatoes & veggies
WEEK FIVESaffron chicken leg stew served with white riceveggie lasagnaBeef meatballs with roasted veggies and potatoesChef-made Ukrainian Pierogies served with organic mixed veggies.Holly corn with chicken