Smart Health Journey

12 weeks of transformation

You will feel the result of your efforts in 4 weeks. In 6

weeks you will see it and in 8 weeks you will hear it.

customized meal planning

Your personalized meal plan

Everything we eat impacts our life in some way, but since there is an overwhelming amount of nutrition theories, diets, & recommendations on the market, it can be challenging to know what and how to eat properly. Holly Food has come up with a solution. We take your lifestyle, nutritional needs, personal taste, and budget into account and tailor a custom meal plan that will keep you happy.


The modern busy and stressed lifestyle has affected people’s health in many different ways. Healthy eating and maintaining the body weight in a normal range is one of the major concern that most of the people have. For example, over 60% of Canadian adults are either overweight or obese and this trend is increasing everyday. Following a specific healthy diet is necessary for personal health, but it is not always sufficient to achieve a certain health target. The challenges on the tip of the icebergs have roots under the water which has to be addressed in order to get the best result. Let’s assist you in discovering your iceberg’s root causes.

Know Your Icebrg

Currently, over 60% of adult Canadians are either overweight or obese. The problems on tip of icebergs have roots under the water, for solving the issues we should go under the water and know the bottom of iceberg!

Smart Health Journey

As a science-based food company in Greater Vancouver and the best meal prep provider in the North shore, and based on our years of experiences, our expert team came up with a golden solution of “Smart Health Journey”. In the smart health journey we offer a sustainable 12 weeks program which helps anyone to identify the root causes (iceberg) of their health challenges. After recognition of the root causes, recommendations, practical action plans and ongoing support will be provided step by step to the customers in order to help them in their health goal achievements.

SMART Health Journey steps


Health Assessment, Root Cause Analysis & Identification


Problem Solving &
Behaviour Change


Customized mael planing. Meal preparation & education


Reach the target weight and healthy lifestyle.

We are now offering you

Meal Plan​

  • Health assessments test
  • Check lab test
  • 20 mins meeting
  • Ask me question
  • Your final customized meal plan
  • 20% off Holly food customizing fee

Smart Health Journey

  • Coaching plan
  • Health assessments test
  • Check lab test
  • Daily recall
  • Activity level test
  • Ask me question
  • Your final customized meal plan
  • Up to 3 meal plan adjustments
  • Eating behaviour test
  • Mental health test
  • Sleep quality test
  • Up to 3 - 20 mins meetings
  • 12 weeks Customized training
  • 12 Weekly report follow-ups
  • Partner discounts
  • 30% off Holly food customizing fee
  • Other health test as needed

What does your body look like?

Being obese or overweight can affect almost all the different aspects of a person health from reproductive and respiratory system function to mood and memory. They also can increase the risk of some debilitating medical conditions such as diabetes, heart condition and some kind of the cancers.
If you are looking to lose wight and modify your lifestyle, a small step in the right direction can actually be a great leap for your health. Losing 5 to 10 percent of your excess body weight can lead to many surprising health benefits, including:

Asset 1

Significant reduction in the risk of metabolic syndromes (heart disease, diabetes and stroke)

Asset 1

Declining the weight pressure on the joints and lowering the pain level

Asset 1

Reducing the risk of breast cancer in women

Asset 1

Improving sleep quality and mitigating the symptoms of sleep apnea

Asset 1

Reversing or decreasing body resistance to insulin

In this journey, your health condition will be thoroughly checked, and based on this, the best solutions will be presented to you.